HangarBot Thermostat

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Whether your hanger is located in an extreme or more moderate climate, hangars are often used at irregular time intervals making economical temperature management a challenge.
The HangarBot Thermostat puts you in control of setting climate schedules and gives you the the flexibility to adjust on the fly from anywhere, anytime.
The Thermostat connects to existing HVAC systems. In true HangarBot fashion the Thermostat is quick to install (approximately 30 minutes) and mounts with the keyhole and screw wall bracket or the magnetic mount provided.
Enjoy the convenience of jumping into the captain's seat before you even get to the hangar by preheating or cooling before you arrive - all with the simple push of a button in the HangarBot app.
Automate and control hangar temperatures from anywhere, anytime.
Operating Temperature -20 C to 48 C (-4 F to 118 F)
Mounting Keyhole +Screws or Magnet (included) *Optional mounting bracket available here for non metal surfaces
Warranty 1 Year from date of purchase - Limited (warranty policy here)