Control, automate and secure your hangar, from anywhere.

Use the HangarBot Hub and iOS mobile app to control the hangar door, temperature, view security footage, set up ForeFlight and more.

Hangar Management Just Got Easier

Automate, control and secure your hangar from virtually anywhere

      HangarBot Hub allows you to:

  • View live streaming video 24/7
  • Detect motion
  • Capture photos
  • Receive email or text alerts when hangar environment changes
  • Monitor hangar temperatures
  • Access a WIFI hotspot using cellular network connectivity
  • Easily install with industrial grade magnetic mounts

Why Control, Automate, and Secure with HangarBot?



  • Open, close or stop the hangar door
  • Adjust temperatures
  • Remotely control engine block heaters
  • Turn on / off fans, battery chargers, dehumidifiers, lights and more.


  • Automatically set your hangar to heat or cool at certain temperatures
  • Set your block heater to turn on or off under certain conditions
  • Set up notifications for key events such as a door opening, plane arriving, movement



  • View motion activated security snapshots of your hangar any time
  • Close and secure the hangar remotely
  • Get real-time alerts when hangar door opens / closes
  • Download security footage


The cellular connected hub connects your devices to the Internet so you can control and view your hangar via the app.

Remote Control Door

Have a mechanic coming? Forgot your keys? Open, close and stop your hangar door remotely.

Block Heater

Don’t want to leave your block heater on all the time or get to the airport early? Remotely turn off your block heater or set it to turn on when below a temperature.

Heat & A/C

Flying into a hangar in the frigid mountains? Preheat the hangar so your hangar is nice and warm before you arrive.

Temperature Sensor

Need to turn equipment on or off in cold or hot weather? The temperature sensor can help tell your system what to do when it’s too hot or cold.

Occupancy sensor

Monkey wrench not where you last put it? See if there was any movement while you were away.

Security Footage

Who broke off the wing tip nav light? Review security footage remotely to get to the bottom of it.

Open Close Sensor

Did the mechanic have a party in the hangar? See how long the door has been open/closed.

Open when in proximity

Raining cats and dogs? Hate getting wet because you need to power down and open the door? Automatically open the hangar door right when you are taxiing in.

About HangarBot Products

HangarBot Hub

HangarBot Hub

PRICE : $699
Installs in under 10 minutes, managing a hangar has never been easier.
24/7 motion detection
Temperature monitoring
Built-in day / night video camera
Stores up to 20 days video footage
Internet connectivity
Receive custom alerts via text or email

Do More With HangarBot Accessories*

Discover the full power of HangarBot with these accessory products

HangarBot Outlet -110 Volt

PRICE : $60
Whether you’re preparing for a flight and need to start the block heater or already landed at your destination and can’t remember if you left the lamp on, with the HangarBot Outlet effortlessly control your hangar - from anywhere in the world.
HangarBot Outlet -110 Volt
HangarBot Door Sensor

HangarBot Door Sensor

PRICE : $40
With the help of the HangarBot Door Sensor and the connected HangarBot Hub, have peace of mind knowing HangarBot will alert you when the door has been opened or closed.

HangarBot Door Controller

PRICE : $250
Upgrade your hangar door controller to save time before / after takeoff and landing and control it from anywhere, including right from the cockpit using the HangarBot app.
With the HangarBot Door Controller, discover and enjoy the convenience of controlling or automating hangar access to maintenance staff, crews, or pilots from anywhere in the world.
HangarBot Door Controller
HangarBot Thermostat

HangarBot Thermostat

PRICE : $120
Aircraft hardware and systems may be vulnerable when left in extreme temperatures, so monitoring and managing hangar temperatures is a critical when aircraft equipment and systems are at risk.
The HangarBot Thermostat puts you in control of setting climate schedules and gives you the the flexibility to adjust on the fly from anywhere, anytime.

IR Lamp

PRICE : $35
Illuminate your hangar at night with invisible IR light so you can view your aircraft or points of entry in pitch black. Point the lamps at each object you wish to illuminate.
IR Lamp
non metal mounting brackets for hub

non metal mounting brackets for hub

PRICE : $7.66
Mount your HangarBot products on material other than metal by installing metal plates.

Extension plugs

PRICE : $14.99
Extend your current HangarBot outlets with this extension plug. This will allow you to plug in other items in space confined wall outlets or surge protectors.
Extension plugs
Solar System + battery

Solar System + battery

PRICE : $189.4
Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Polycrystalline Solar Starter Kit w/ 100w solar panel,30A Charge Controller, 8ft 10AWG Tray Cables, Solar Adaptor Kit

12v backup battery

PRICE : $139.99
12V 55AH Battery
12v backup battery
External Antenna

External Antenna

PRICE : $18
High gain 35dbi LTE 4G Modem External Panel Antenna For Hangarbot


PRICE : $120
*HangarBot accessories require an active HangarBot Hub subscription

Hangarbot Monthly Pricing


  • Turn on open devices in your hangar
  • Download 1-2 security snapshots per month


Most Popular
  • Turn on or open devices in your hangar
  • Download security snapshots
  • Download 1-2 security video per month
  • Light wifi use on mobile devices


  • Turn on or open devices in your hangar
  • Download security snapshots
  • Download 10+ security videos per month
  • Heavy wifi use on mobile devices
  • Phone & Email Support