FAQ - Hangarbot


What is the range on the WiFi?
What is the warranty?
can my nest integrate?
Will HangarBot products work with my existing Wi-Fi connection?
Can I purchase just the HangarBot accessory products without the HangarBot Hub or monthly subscription?
What is the cancellation policy?
Where can I get an infrared light that works with HangarBot Hub?
What is your return policy?
How can I see if I have cellular coverage in my hangar area? Is there a coverage map?
What is there is a power outage in my area? Will HangarBot still work?
Can I use HangarBot products outdoors?
How do I change my connectivity plan?
What happens if I need more data on my HangarBot connection plan?
How do I find my HangarBot Hub ID number?
Will my HangarBot connectivity plan be automatically renewed?
Since HangarBot Hub has the temperature sensor, why would I need the HangarBot Thermostat?
Does HangarBot work with Android devices?
Can I view live video of my hangar from my laptop or desktop computer?
If HangarBot stores the last ~20 days of video, how do I access or download the footage?
Can I access HangarBot video footage / photos captured more than 20 days ago?
Do HangarBot products need to be serviced regularly?
Will HangarBot work if I am traveling internationally?
I have a shitty hangar. Do I need one?
Cost of contract monthly?
Does it come with a cellular contract?
How does it connect with the internet?
Does it come with a WiFi outlet for an engine heater?